Ambrisentan REMS Pharmacy Survey

Ambrisentan REMS Survey for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Staff

You are being asked to participate in a survey regarding the Ambrisentan REMS. This important survey is for pharmacists and pharmacy staff who dispense ambrisentan and are currently enrolled in the Ambrisentan REMS.  Results from the survey remain confidential by BioTrak Research, Inc. This is a voluntary survey that is strictly confidential.

Participants who complete this 10-15 minute survey will be mailed a $75 Visa card for their time. All payments are processed within 4-6 weeks.

Please ensure that you can devote 15 minutes to complete this survey before beginning.
You cannot leave the survey and return to complete it at a later time. You may complete this survey one time only.

If you have a survey code, please click here.

BioTrak Research reviews individual survey responses for the purposes of quality control and ethics of participation. If it is determined that any respondent has quickly “clicked through” the survey based upon survey times and responses, or an imposter has completed the survey, such survey completions may be disqualified and thusly not compensated at the sole discretion of BioTrak.

For questions or assistance please contact BioTrak Research Inc. at 877-248-8657 or