CLOZAPINE REMS Survey for Patients 

You are being invited to participate in a survey for patients who have taken Clozapine. Results from the survey remain confidential by BioTrak Research, Inc. This is a voluntary survey that is strictly confidential. Participants who qualify and complete the entire survey will be mailed a $50 gift card for their time. All payments are processed within 4-6 weeks.

Please ensure that you can devote 15 minutes to complete this survey before beginning.
You cannot leave the survey and return to complete it at a later time.

If your survey invitation has a 9 character Survey Code that begins with CP4xxxxxx, please click here.

If your survey invitation has a Password that begins with Bluxxxxx, please click here.

To ensure your privacy:
  • Your healthcare provider will not be notified of your participation or your survey results.
  • Taking part in this survey will not effect on your ability to receive your medication.
  • The survey asks questions about the materials that you may have received with your medicine.
  • Your answers to the survey questions will be combined with answers given by others.
For questions or assistance please contact BioTrak Research Inc. at 877-248-8657 or